Dec 102015

Veronica’s ‘Proper’ Shepherd’s Pie

Here is everything you need to get started.

Ingredients required

Brown the meat in a little oil and add the vegetables.


Brown the meat and add veggies

Now add the first secret ingredient . . . . you decide how spicy you want the dish.

First secret ingredient


And the second secret ingredient . . . . add to taste.

Second secret ingredient


Simmer the mixture for 30 minutes then transfer it to an oven proof dish and prepare to add the topping.

Mixture in dish ready for topping

To prepare the topping, use half potato, half sweet potato and butter well mashed. Add cheese on top.

Ready to go into the oven


Taa Daa! – the finished product: Veronica’s ‘Proper’ Shepherd’s Pie

Veronica's 'Proper' Shepherd's Pie


Eat, Relax, Enjoy!








Veronica’s ‘Proper’ Shepherd’s Pie

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