Nov 032014

TMT Smoked Ketchup

Three Men in a Trailer are delighted to introduce two more exciting Artisan Irish ketchups!

Smoked Ketchup

Our smoked ketchup is flavoured with smoked paprika and natural smoke flavour. It is gluten free and fat free. It is suitable for vegetarians. It only contains 14% sugar. It is perfect with grilled or roasted meats, grilled vegetables and for sandwiches.

Sticky ketchup

This is very good for giving a shiny, flavourful coating for cooked hams, for using to coat roast chicken or pork. Also very good for chicken wings or ribs. Sticky ketchup is also very good as a sweetener for porridge in the morning. The sticky ketchup is not suitable for use with chips.

All new recipes to follow soon!

TMT Sticky Ketchup




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