Wedding Menu


Sample Wedding Menu

Selection of Wedding Canapes and Starters

  • Beetroot and lime cured Gravlax of Salmon served on homemade brown bread with horseradish creme fraiche (s)
  • Black pudding and thyme sausage rolls
  • Chicken satay skewers with shanghai spiced peanut sauce (s)
  • Vegeterian rice paper rolls with Asian dipping sauce (s)
  • Tomato salsa and goats cheese bruschetta
  • Roast pepper and chilli soup shot (s)
  • Chicken liver pate on cucumber/toasted crouton with red onion marmalade (s)
  • Smoked mackerel, whiskey and tarragon tartlet
  • All our canapes used the best quality ingredients and are handmade.
  • Each canape is priced at €2 per person

* (s) suitable for service as a starter or in a larger portion with accompaniments.

Wedding Main Course

Spit Roast – Three Men in a Trailer specialises in roasting a fully pig on a spit and we can supply 3 different standards of pork:

  • Our own hand reared organic pigs
  • Free range pig from one of our local farmers
  • Standard pig from one of the larger producers

All three options are at different price points.

The above will cater for 100 people comfortably and the price will include the cost of one of our team to cook (6 hours minimum) and carve the pig.

We also provide lamb spit roasted which can be supplied either Organic or Free range.

The above is priced on request.

It should also be noted that a full size lamb will only feed about 35-40 people. We have found that marinated legs of lamb cooked to medium on a barbeque can make up the difference in the numbers; each leg will feed 12-15 people.

Wedding Rotisserie

Wedding Menu

We provide a rotisserie in which we can roast a variety of meat cuts. This is a succulent way of roasting meat. As the meat rotates it is self basting as it is slow cooked. Loins of pork, beef and venison are a few options to choose from. All items cooked on the rotisserie are priced on request.

  • Garlic and herb loin of pork
  • Cider marinated loin of bacon glazed with mustard and brown sugar
  • Horseradish and black pepper crusted sirloin of beef
  • TMT’s farm secret sauce slow roasted Pork Belly Ribs
  • Loin of venison flavoured with juniper, sage and Guinness marinade
  • Roasted neck fillet of pork rubbed with moroccan spices
  • Slow roasted rib of Irish beef, garlic, rosemary and thyme

Main Course Accompaniments

Below is a list of what we offer to accompany whichever main course you choose. This list is not exhaustive and can be altered to suit your needs depending on the cooking facilities available, or those we can arrange, generally dependent on how far we are from home base (Carrick on Suir, Tipperary).

  • German style potato salad- New potatoes soaked in a red onion and sherry vinegar dressing. This dish can have smoked bacon lardons as an optional extra
  • Traditional Irish potato salad – Cooked potato, scallions and diced onion bound with mayonnaise
  • Bombay potato salad – Potatoes flavoured with onion, garlic, ginger, chillies, cumin and ground coriander. This is bound with thick natural yogurt
  • Marinated Roast Vegetables – Onion, courgette, butternut squash, carrot, peppers, thyme, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar
  • Red cabbage coleslaw – Shredded red cabbage, carrots and onion garnished with sultanas and almonds bound with either mayonnaise or red wine vinaigrette
  • Rigatoni & rocket salad – Just cooked pasta garnished with spring onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, olives, rockets and goats cheese
  • Spicy fruity cous-cous – Cous-cous flavoured with spices, chillies and herbs, garnished with apricots, dates, sultnans, oranges and zest of lemon, moistened with good olive oil
  • Vegetable Biryani – Curry flavoured vegetables folded through jasmin scented basmati rice
  • Mixed lettuce leaves – A selection of lettuce leaves washed and dried

All our salads are made with the best quality ingredients. Availability of some salads can be seasonally influenced. We can also make salads to order, within reason, as long as ingredients are in season and available.


We offer the following selection

  • Foccacia
  • French loaf
  • Brown soda bread
  • White soda savoury scones

All our breads are homemade and the prices include butter/olive oil.

Wedding Dessert Menu

  • Baileys and malteaser cheesecake
  • Irish whiskey trifle with custard and crumble topping
  • Apple and fruit crumble
  • Fresh fruit salad, vanilla and lemon yogurt
  • Fruit pavlova
  • Eton mess
  • Chocolate truffle delice

All desserts are homemade.

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